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which One Is Your Hair? Brazilian Blowouts And Keratin Treatments


A softening treatment can be a useful investment for anyone with permanent curly hair. Salon services, such as the Brazilian Blowouts or keratin treatment, can return to an average of $ 250, but give a smooth, shiny, more manageable hair that lasts for months.

Both treatments will set the time you spend styling your hair with products that fight against folds that will never work. So, what is the difference between the two and which one should you take? InStyle returned to Christina B., written by Rita Hazan Salon in New York City.

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Brazilian Blowouts and keratin treatments have essentially the same effect on hair: they both eliminate frizz and accelerate glare. They are safe for all hair types and can be made on colored hair. However, the Brazilian Blowouts can be further customized.

“Because the market is so saturated with keratin treatments, you can watch what you think would be best for you as the hours went by, but the Brazilian Blowouts can be adjusted for different hair tissues,” Christina B. Iron your hair at different temperatures and get different looks. ”

This means that if you don’t want your hair to be completely flat, your stylist can adjust the treatment so that your natural hair tissue can be more easily managed. They’ll still be cured by a 450-degree flat iron, but when it’s all done, there will still be soft, voluminous waves.

The other way of changing treatments is the downtime. Following a keratin treatment, it is recommended that you connect your hair and do not wash it for three or four days. With regard to the Brazilian Blowouts, you can go to your normal styling routine.

Although the benefits of the Brazilian Blowouts cannot be addressed, treatment cannot be touched without mentioning the controversies surrounding the environment. I was concerned about the formaldehyde in the formula.

H I’ve seen that in the right way and in well-ventilated areas, they’re not harmful at all, ”says Christina B. “But if you’re worried about this, you’ll find versions that don’t contain formaldehyde.“

No matter which treatment you choose, explore the halls that offer services to find someone that is respected in your area. Without compromising the health of your hair, you get the results you want.

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