What Is Cornrow Hairstyles And Who Use It?



Cornrow hairstyles are one of the difficult to prepare but, awesome hairstyle looks like a herringbone, as it’s named. This may be implement with additional hair or may implement without adding any hair. You may clean your cornrow hair in anytime you want, and once you implement this style to your hair, this will save its shape long time between 1 and 1.5 month.
Besides its difficulty to preparation, when it’s done once, it has a relax usability.
Type of the cornrow hairstyles may wary. Although this style thought to use by black person, last times Caucasians also prefer to use this style. Three of which “thin”, “thick” and “standard” types may be implementable. Your hair must be at least 8 cm. (3 inches) at least. Your hairs original color may be saved or change with any color you may like.
When you use additional hair for having cornrow hairstyles, it may be any longer you want and when you want to untie your hair, just cutting the additional hair from the point that end of your hairs and beginnings of the additional hairs.
Usually moms want to use this while braid their children hairs. This really looks cute when it’s implemented for children.


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