Vivica A. Fox Has Create The New Cap Names Cornrow Cap


Do you remember the Shemar Moore in Diary of a Mad Black Women? He had an unforgettable hair style. This is now come for your hair to try and looks like his hair.
Cornrow cap has become popular especially after Vivica A. Fox has create the cornrow cap for sew-ins which is weaved. Maybe you may know her as an actress, that is correct but not only she is actress, she is also a good designer for hairs.
After she added cornrow cap to her hair collection, it has become so popular. The benefit of this new design is gives women hairs a beautiful wave without losing neutral looks and edges having less stresses.
Does it worth to buy it?
If your stylist good at creating things like this cap, and if she or he may ensure the neutrality on her or his job this will really be great to have one.
This cap has come with two different pattern type, one of them is horseshoe and other one is straight back like traditional. And this comes three different size named Small, Medium and Large. You must try to ensure which is more suitable for your head. And I must say that really looks different than any ordered designs.

For now this cap is under her patent in the Vivica Fox Hair Collection.


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