Victoria Beckham’s Hair Adventure From 90’s To 2016


We saw Victoria Beckham before powerful business woman in a member of Space Girls. She was reflect a 90’s spirit with her brown Victoria Beckham bob hair and brown lipstick. She has become vamp kind look at the beginning of 1999.
She had become her modelling career with her new cut pixie hairs in the year of 2000. We saw her at first time in the London Fashion Week with her scattered pixie hair. Victoria Beckham bob hair style is a long bob hair on front of face, with that she had become unforgettable person. Again in 2007, Victoria Beckham shocked everyone with her platinum hair color. With her shortened hairs, she had gain a so edgy look.
First time, she showed her courage about using pixie hair type in the year of 2000. She gave a chance pixie in 2008 again. This time, she proved all the world that she is a women created for pixie.
In 2011, she left behind her Space Girls days and modelling times. She has been concentrate on her fashion trade-mark. We have become to see her in a classic hair models contrary to Victoria Beckham bob.

Victoria beckham’s hair 2016
She gave her hair a little wave in which we were accustomed to see her hairs straight ahead in 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards. We are bird-dog her for further beauty variances.
Tabi ki burada bahsedilen Victoria beckham olduğu için ona ait fotolar olması gerekmekte.


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