Stylists are now looking for finding an interesting way for women about their hair styles. Short hairs as we said before for a lot of time are so risky because of its no or less chance to change when you don’t like to your short hairs.
Beside its risks, now, stylists are suggest a new type named; razor cut bob. What is razor cut bob, and what is pros and cons of it?
A lot of hairdresser says “if a woman are clever enough, never lets the razor touch her hairs.” Why do they says it? First they argue that when a haircut practiced with razor, razor makes hairs thinner and edges of hair becomes to have duplicate chump.
But for all gossips and realities, stylists did not turn their back to razor cut bob. Layered styled hairs are very apropos to use razor for shaping.
The important point of utilizing razor bobs are having experience. If your hairdresser has an enough experience than you may trust and have very sexy razor cut hair types. But I want to stress out the point that; if you are kind of a woman that find thinks difficult to like, think about razor cut twice.