New Trending Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women For 2017


This year, there are a lot of short bob hairstyles for black women has come to the fore with their asymmetrical bobs. This style is perfect for black women who has thick hairs, and it’s consonant whether your hair straight or curly. This is also suitable for all kind of face shapes.

Blue color is always so compatible with dark colors. Beside it, blue is opposite color of red. When this two material consider, short bob hairstyles for black women with a blue color is getting trendy day by day.

Beside blue color, some black women want to use this famous shiny greens. Although green is too risky because it’s not so compatible for curly hairs, straight and short hair black women choose to use this color. Green is usually uses edges of hair or through hairs from bottom to edge increasingly. Dark yellow is another option (shiny yellow is not suitable contrary to green and it’s too risky, for that we don’t recommend this color). Now a days more than a simple color has become exhibited on the street by African Americans.

With the improvement of the technology, 3d hair styles has become most popular and 3d with some extreme color and shape hairs gives an immense appearance, you may try it out for once at least to see how wonderful experiment is this.

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