New Boys Hair Designs


With a different cuts and colors, boys hair designs gains fashion touch. For years, hair designs was using for women fashion, but today boys or men also wants to look different.

We want to show you, new trends fabulous boys hair designs. This two hair styles; one of which is long but straight hairs with both sided short cuts and other clipper cuts named supercuts which we usually see it implemented on black guys hairs. But they now want to have some different hair styles merged with classic types.

For example, if you are looking for boys hair designs a teenage boy or you have at least one teenage boy in your home, although classic textured chip haircuts for boys are still OK, maybe you want to try Asian styles. Asians usually like to stress their hairs with a line in a single and non-symmetric but sharp cut. If this style still so classic for you, we want to suggest one like this but more stressed style named “Mohawk”. Mohawk as you know use motorcycles and want to feel wind on their head. This is why this style names Mohawk and this is really stylist. Besides, it’s easy to have one if you don’t have so short hair.


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