Keri Hilson Blonde Bob


Keri Hilson, the African-American singer/songwriter who found success with R&B-pop hits is also well known as a style icon within the black community. Keri Hilson’s blonde bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles known to Hollywood, and has become one of the most iconic and recreated hairstyles in recent years. The bob has been through every kind of colour; from subtle highlights to screeching bleached blond. It has also been through a variety of different styles.

It is rare that a celebrity so often makes fashion statements with their hair, but Keri Hilson isn’t one to shy away. One of our favourite Keri Hilson blonde bob styles is the wavy beach hair effect. Think of an African-American Marilyn Monroe with slight bangs after a long day at the beach, letting her locks sway and tangle in the wind. This relaxed style is one of Keri Hilson’s more casual red carpet styles.

For something more glamourous, we love her long blonde bob styled with long bangs and an A-line cut which frames her face perfectly. The blonde here is more subtle, like the classic Beyonce honey-blonde colour she so often sports, and the style is soft but elegant. Her blonde bob with bangs is the most fierce and edgy of her styles, and reminds us of Rihanna’s bob style. We hope you got some inspiration (“hair inspiration”) from favourite R&B artist Keri Hilson.

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