How To Do Cornrows Implement On Hairs?


How you do cornrows on your own hairs, tutorial video and pictures of man and woman hairstyles are in Hair-x.

Today one of the oldest African style has become to use in a wide population, besides African-Americans. This hairstyle names cornrows. Let’s talk about this cute cornrows, and explain how to do cornrows;
First step – Preparation: First things first. At first, you must decide to what kind of cornrows do you want to have? Answers may be wary, but drawing its path will help you to follow rows on an easy way. Six or eight line will be fine. Draw it straight or curved. And decide its length.
Second step – Wet the Hair: add some sole water and detangle the hair. Had a straight hair first for to be ready for tie. Knotted hairs made this style difficult to plait hair. Not use so water, its ok just to have a little moist hair. This will prevent your hair to be tightened and feeling pain on your hair after the tie.
Last step – Part the Hair: Starting point must be the front. First select the first tie point and take other hair pile out of your way. Each strand must be member of one tie. If it’s begins with a member of any tie, but continue to it’s way on other tie, makes your looks hovel, and loose it’s shape easily in time.
How to do cornrows answer is simple as you see. The key point is not the answer of how to do cornrows, but the answer of is it really be suitable for your hairs.

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