Here Are The Awesome Cornrow Styles 2016


Every day, we heard and see braid hits in our social accounts, especially Instagram. It seems this in 2016 cornrow has become more popular than other braids like fishtail, milkmaid or mermaid types. Most of the iconic braids of 2016 is, of course, cornrow hair style. When you decide to have one, there are plenty of cornrow styles 2016 that you will encounter when you search for it. I want to short them out for you to find what you exactly want about cornrow styles 2016.

Tightened one is the most known one, but if your hairs are not so strong to handle tightened types, we really don’t suggest that. Beside this disadvantage, if you have one like that, will be available for a long time then you guess.
You may add a knob like this;


Or made it twice. This gives a little more cuteness, does not it?

If you have a long hair, than you may use cornrow with in a different color lines. If you not you may add artificial hair.

Best-Cornrow-Braids-and-Twists (1)

After the invention of cornrows, at first styles were so strict, but in a years, women found a way to diversify it. I think, this is the most different one in cornrow styles 2016. Take a look at that, this is really awesome;


Beside them there are a lot of different cornrow styles available of course. For example you don’t need to cover all your hair with a row. Maybe this give you an idea about how it might be done;

Braided-Hairstyles-for-2016-compressor (1)

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