Haircuts For Women Over 50


Turning 50 poses its own challenges for women; changes in hormones and the menopause can seem like one of the hardest time in a women’s life. Physically your skin will change in texture and your face may look unrecognizable to how it looked in its youth. This is why it’s important to let go of that “safe hairstyle” you once felt comfortable in, and go for a dramatic change that will guarantee you will stay fabulous in your 50s.

There aren’t many spoken rules about hairstyles for women over 50, but here are some tips that will help you find your golden style. A good tip is to pay attention to the shape of your face and the (changing) texture of your hair. For many women, hair starts thinning in their 30s and 40s. By the time they’re in their 50s it starts to look brittle. This is one of the reasons why, in general, short haircuts look better on women over 50.

Think of Judi Dench’s pixie cut. This cut suits a lot of women, but may feel too drastic or unfeminine for some. Emma Thompson has a great short cut that is layered and makes her hair look thick and lustrous. Shoulder cut length hair like Helen Mirren or Jessica Lange can be very flattering and a good option if you are hesitant about taking the chop. For mature women, a more subtle hair colour is often recommended, and it is strongly advised to avoid dark or extreme colours.

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