Dua Lipa’s Short Bob Haircut


Dua Lipa’s Short Bob Haircut and  hair color

We stayed only 2 months in 2019, but one of the biggest hair trends of the year was already established. Prayer is the latest celebrity giving her atonement to Lipa. British pop singer “snip snip” with the new lobe showed Instagram. Indeed, a big change from the older locks in the past. According to Lipa, Instagram decided to make a shorter cut of how his hair was damaged as told in his stories. With his new bob, a good company in Lipa. As the months passed, everyone went shorter than Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez to Ava Phillippe, daughter of Reese Witherspoon. At the very beginning of this week, Leighton Meester went not only to pick a healthy chop, but also to pick the most extreme of the trend, changing her hair to a van der Woodsen-esque blonde from a Waldorf-brunette brunette.

industry and #MeToo movement. “For a female artist, if you’re not sitting on a piano or on a guitar, it takes a lot more time to be taken seriously, you know?” Said. The British told GQ last month. “For a male artist, people immediately understand what they write their music, but they assume that they are all produced for women.”

Lipa was also open about the inappropriate behavior of males, who were largely brushed to the #MeToo movement. Lipa talked about the seemingly small movements and even the negative effects of unwanted developments. ”You know, even from school, kissing chases or whatever, growing up in men in our children will be harmless and fun and we can’t do anything bile he said. “For some women, actresses, singers, models, whatever may or may not be what she wants, she may have the right to be dressed up and taken seriously.


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