Cornrow Ponytail For All Ages


Cornrows are really great choice if you don’t bother to have some little tighten hair. We talk about that more before. Today I want to talk about cornrow ponytail. Whom for its most suitable and how can you do that yourselves?

First of all, you must have a long hair and if your hairs are not strong enough to tail it, your hair looks like electricity.

Adding a hair maybe help to have cornrow ponytail, but does it worth to effort for it? Do you have any different choice having a long hair or adding for have a long one? Does it suitable for short hair women or men? Answers of those questions are not an easy to give, but shortly we may say yes. Heating up the hair a little will provide easy to shape, and with that you may gather your hair to make cornrow ponytail.

How many ponytails are OK to use?

Having just one ponytail, represents simplicity but impressive if it’s balanced with face type. Of course this is not must be on the middle, maybe left or right side ponytails gives a move to your look. If we talk about children, more than one ponytail looks fine, you may use more than one, up to four. More than four can’t stay stable.




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